Our horse and pony team on the Gstatsch farm


Bianca our darling is the most attentive pony that is very gentle with the little ones. When it comes down to it, you can count on her. Further, she gives always her best in doing Parcours. She leads the kids carefully and reliably over the course and through the countryside.

What she doesn’t like so much is “cuddling”. We know she is so sweet, you just want to cuddle her, but we shouldn’t forget that she is not a cuddly toy.


Caramella is especially popular with shy children because of her calm personality.

She carries her little riders over the course and through the countryside in a well-behaved and comfortable manner.

She is an experienced school pony and looks forward to riders with good leadership.


the intelligent one, she is well-behaved in the arena, is very attentive and needs a lot of exercises. Shila is therefore only ridden by advanced riders.


She is a calm pony, her charming nature makes her very popular with the children.


is well-behaved, always a little sceptical towards humans, but she wants to build up trust before she starts working with a new rider.

Willi the boss

Willi is the boss in the stable and is a sure-footed and good cross-country horse with long strides, whereby one moves forward very quickly.

Quara the beauty

Quara, our Haflinger, is very well-behaved in handling and cross-country. In the riding arena, she likes to be encouraged to not feel bored.

She is very easy to handle and sure-footed in cross-country.


Peggi is a comfortable horse lady, she is very well-behaved in handling and cross-country, in the riding arena, she is very patient with insecure riders.

With children who are taking their first lessons, she is very gentle and motivates them with patient lessons.

In return, she encourages an advanced rider even more in cross-country, since she is very versatile.


Neila, our Quarter mare, is ridden in the western-style. She loves working in the arena with riding games and gives everything when she goes to competitions. On cross-country rides, she has a fast walk and a soft gallop. She feels very comfortable around people and horses.